Summer Machine Learning Lab

One Summer week, one machine learning challenge and a prize. Limited seats.


Look at your data in a radical different way

Analytics will be pervasive and mission-critical for decisions and actions across the business


big data and relational databases integration

Build a reliable Hadoop cluster and integrate with your relational databases.


reliable data analysis

statistical analysis and machine learning on top of data infrastruture


complex database problems

Data is critical for business. Databases are hard to manage


database cloud migrations

More agility with DBaaS, less cost and less maintenance

We are fluent in Data Engineering and Data Architecture

A good Data Engineer is has extensive knowledge on databases and best engineering practices. These include handling and logging errors, monitoring the system, building human-fault-tolerant pipelines, understanding what is necessary to scale up, addressing continuous integration, knowledge of database administration, maintaining data cleaning, and ensuring a deterministic pipeline.

Luis Marques,

Our statistics

Terabytes migrated to cloud

Implemented Big Data pipelines

Databases served

Database Vendors support

Our Services

Managed Services

What we do best is to deal with data (lots of) in all its forms and size, on your datacenter or in the cloud.

Project Consulting

Our expertise in delivering project consulting in databases and data layer allows the organizations to know that a specific project that they are planning to improve the business will be a success.

Assurance Service

Do you need a second opinion on some database or data layer architecture? Or just some specific help to your database or data architecture team?

Tools we master

Our Blog

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Did you know…you can change the default file encoding for new query on SSMS?
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