Research, experiment, build A.I

A team to build Artificial Intelligence and ML products and services


Our mission is conduct and research in the area of large data scale and complex data sources using different learning machine techniques. This includes development and study of learning models, deep learning, natural language processing and others.


Provide products and services for our enterprise customers based on our research on A.I and Machine Learning fields.

Summer Machine Learning Lab

During your Summer, one machine learning challenge and a prize.

Red Summer Machine Learning Lab is a on-site free summer camp on our office (Redglue, Lisboa) where you can spend a week solving a machine learning challenge with some sort of prize in the end. 

Where: Redglue Offices, Lisbon
When: 10 – 14 September 2018
Limit: 8 seats available

One week on-site students

We will provide all resources on our offices in Lisbon for you, with a supervised learning process on the challenge.
Only available for students.

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A classification Machine Learning challenge

During one week you will find out how to solve a classification ML problem with different technologies.

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A prize

It is free and will get a small prize for your team conquer… 
The prize is sponsored by Redglue.

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Learning Experience

You will be working with novel Machine Learning Cloud Solutions and work on a real case study in order to learn more about A.I. and its applications to businesses.

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Summer Machine Learning Lab

Our words  on this lab

Because research needs to happen first at the labs and not at the customer site, we built this to improve our products and services to our customers.
Redatasense is just the result of this philosophy.

Luís Marques

It is a great challenge to build and accelerate a lab that will provide A.I and ML solutions for Redglue end customers.

João Rodrigues